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Where It All Began

Our Story

Candled X Co candles are hand poured, using a 100% Coconut-Soy wax blend. Our candles also feature a crackling wooden wick. Yes, we said crackling, giving a nice subtle crackle to enhance your candle burning experience. Come take a nose dive, we promise not to disappoint! Providing luxurious scents to fill your home through our crackling wooden wick candles, wax melts, room/linen sprays and more. Are you ready?

Candled X Co is based in the upstate of South Carolina. We started our journey in the Low Country hand crafting these scented vibes. 

At Candled X Co, we know that it’s crucial to ensure that only the best ingredients are invited into sacred spaces like your home. 

Though we now ship to customers far and wide, our commitment to superior quality hasn’t changed. All of the items made in our upstate studio are sourced, crafted and packaged with dedication and care, making them important elements of the ultimate self-care experience.

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